Shoppe is back up

The Mr. Phil Games Shoppe's database crashed horrible this weekend.  I tried several different ways to get it back in operations, but wasn't able to truly fix it.  I'm not sure what happened, but I suspect someone was up to no good.  The shoppe is back up, but I think it'll crash again eventually.

Screenshot of Mr. Phil Games Shoppe

The shoppe simple isn't worth the time I have put in it, much less more time.  I feel a better use of my time is working on a game.  I might rewrite the website for/in Google's App Engine Python, because of the experience, not any hope of return on investment from the shoppe.

At this point, the shoppe provides only two things I value. First, some people give me there email when they download.  These emails are useful when releasing new games. Second, all the search engine juice it provides.  The shoppe is some what SEO tuned so it gives a tiny foot print in the land of links.  If I do rewrite it for the App Engine I will design it with an eye towards direct relationships with developers and put my relationship with Reflexive/ lower on the totem pole.