Jai Compiler References

I got tired of looking up links over and over.  Last update: April, 11, 2019

Jai is a computer language being developed by Jonathan Blow (His older website and newer blog) and his team Thekla. The main goal is to replace C/C++ with a new language that will speed up the development of computer games (but it should be useful in general purpose programming.) The language's big concepts are:

  • bring back the joy of programming
  • putting data at the center of the design
  • a syntax that respects the programmer's workflow
  • controlling compiling from the language (compile-time-execution so you can write the build script in the langiage itself.)

When will JAI release?

On April 10th, 2019 Abner Coimbre announced during his Twitch stream that the Jai Team decided on the final tasks need for Beta release. Coimbre didn't give a hard deadline, but it seems reasonable the team should finish before the end of 2019. (see http://www.mrphilgames.com/jai-close-to-beta/) (Note, on Jun 2018 Blow said four people were working on the compiler and a game using the language.)

People blogging or streaming about Jai

Links and mentions by Jonathan Blow in his videos

Non Jai Links, but related to language creation